Jill got this cat tattoo from another tattooer a year or so ago. The placement was a little weird. She decided that she was gonna have it removed. 2 or 3 sessions later the thing went from black and grey to brown. But didn’t look to be going anywhere.  So she came to me with the idea of adding a Victorian type woman with the cat.

The perspective and placement guided me towards the direction of making the cat part of a frame for the woman as opposed to her standing next to the cat. There is always more beauty to the face the closer we can zoom in.  Bigger face = more beauty.

Session 3 – 3 hours – (about 8 hours to complete)

memorial tattoo

FINISHED - Click to see bigger

Session 2 –  almost 3 hours shading the ditch of the arm! G status.

Who is the best tattooer in Los Angeles?

Session 1 –

I’m really happy with the line work.  Used my old Aaron Cain coil machine for the first time in a long time. Think I might make it a more permanent part of the rotation again.

Sorry for the blurry pic.

Lined with Aaron Cain coil (bug pin 7) , Swash gen 4 rotary (9 liner), Shaded with Centri rotary (15 mag) and special technique (15 mag)

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