7 thoughts on “BROWN DUCK TATTOO

      • Fantastic! I’ll be calling you very soon to set up an appointment for myself and my son. I’m so excited to have found a vegan artist here in LA. My brother was going to have us drive to Arizona to his vegan tattoo artist. Yay you!!!

        How far in advance are you currently booked?

    • The short answer is its all the same.

      The pigments is the same, the water is the same. The only thing that differs in vegan brands is vegetable based glycerine instead of animal based.(some non vegan blacks contain bone char and shellac as well)

      The most reputable tattoo inks on the market are vegan and the best tattooers in the world are already using them. The thing that separates me from other tattooers (other than my artistic abilities) is that not only do I make sure ALL my inks are vegan but the WHOLE procedure is vegan. There are soaps, ointments, applicators and aftercare that goes into every tattoo. Most of those products are not vegan by default. Mine are. So the end result is the same as any other reputable tattooer but there are no animal products used. Plus you are supporting a vegan of 20 years!

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