440 –

This is a great example of how my clients will come to me with an idea, let me run with it and give them they totally couldn’t imagine themselves.


Judy emailed me asking if I would tattoo this one her. It was important to her to not “lose the words as they are so profound”



Anyone who consults with me find out immediately that I think words are the worst way to express an idea through tattoos .  Think about the last time you saw some long ass words tattooed on someone, then ask yourself what it said. I bet you can’t.

I kindly explained to her that this amount of words would only work as a back piece and while cool as a t shirt, is probably not the best way to express her profound statement.  I brainstormed with her for an email or two and nailed it.

When I sent her the image she was blown away.

That’s what I strive for. Throw me your ideas friends. My goal is to make them better for you.

Thanks for coming all the way from vegas for the tattoo Judy!


lined with aaron cain and cory rogers ( 7 and tight 5), shaded with Special technique, colored with dan kubin, mini cranker.



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