coverup / theme redo .

#coverup / theme redo .

I don’t understand how some tattooers can be so irresponsible. My new client had a bad cover up on her wrist, forgiven probably just a new Tattooer doing his best. But when she came to me with the intention of getting it covered I notice she had a brand new tattoo of a humming bird and flower.

The flower was well done but the humming bird had no black lines. So it was basically a blob on her skin tone. What’s worse is the placement made no sense. When looked at from a relaxed position the bird and flower are upside down and side ways. She was fine with it but its our job as tattooers to know better than our clients.

Risking a loss of income from her as a client I spent a good hour explaining why this was all wrong eventually she came around to the idea that both tattoos needed to be covered . I uses the good flower and covered the rest. We still need one more session but we both couldn’t be happier .

#hummingbirdtattoo #hibiscustattoo #jamaciantattoo #colortattooondarkskin #vegantattoo #doingmyjob

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