New Fixie

I met this dude Samon at Bikerowave last year, he finally got around to having me build him a bike.  I love/hate when I build a new fixie that rides so smooth I dont want to give it up.

If you want me to build a bike for you to your specifications, hit me up.

Magazine Press (PICS) – Freedom Ride

This has been a good month for the Black kids on Bikes. We got some pretty great press in a bicycle magazine called Momentum. You can read the article here.

Black kids on bikes

Momentum Magazine - 42

There was also a significantly long article on me, the black kids on bikes, some of my past work and my plans for the future in ALARM Magazine. My scanner is literally being held together by tape so you’ll have to go out and buy the issue. It’s the one with OM on the cover. My name is on the top right, next to Ian Svenonius’.  Here are some pics.

black kid with bike

ALARM magazine - issue 36

ALARM mag - 36

Bikes Bikes Bikes

For just over a year now I have been converting old ten speeds to Fixed or Single Speed. My prices are such that I tend to get a lot of first time riders on the road. I like that.  Here are some of my favorites.  You can see the entire collection on my facebook page. Here is the public link. Add me as a Friend if you wish.



My New Ride