I have a shit ton of doubles and triples of hardcore records. Maybe you want em.  FACEBOOK message me or EMAIL (spoonertattoos@gmail.com)

I’ll delete them as they sell so if its here its for sale.


Born Against/ suckerpunch Flexi – 3
Candle- wrenched records – 5
Elements of need / Jasmine Split – Kidney Room Records – 10
Elizabeth Herz – old glory records – 3
Four hundered years – yuletide records – 3
fury –  resurrection – thd records -3
Groove – by the road – old glory records – 3
Headfirst – back in control – workshed – 3
Junction –  mouth as a gun – 3
Leslie – all tricked out  – jade tree 3
Locust (red vinyl) – GSL – 10
Mohinder /nitwits Split – unleaded records – 8
Mohinder – gravity records – 5
Policy of 3 – bloodlink records  – 3
Railhed – Forever bound – inner journey records – 5
Railhed – I am you – jade tree – 3
Scapegrace – plead – framework records – 3
sleeper – more or less – 3
Spankorzo – wrenched records – 3
Struggle – Ebullition – 5
Thumbnail – the sound of -file 13 records – 4
Undertow/Struggle split – 6 – bloodlink
Vitapup – merry dogger records – 4
Weston / Plow  split – 3
William Martyr / Plunger split – (blue vinyl) – 4


Car vs Driver – Deja Grateful – Lunchbox records – 5
Franklin – Workshop records – 8
Gods Chosen people comp – old glory  – 10
Monsula – sanitized – 5
Policy of 3 – old glory records –  5
Railhed – tarantella – jade tree – 8
Struggle LP – ebullition – 8


I was once a film director. I made a documentary that took me around the world and won me quite a few awards. It was called afropunk. Its about the experience of being a black punk rocker. Its not a history lesson on bad brains. Its a story of every black person you know, who doesn’t fit in the box. You can rent it on netflix if you are interested.

anyway a bout a year ago, I was asked to participate in a book called White Riot : the politics of race and punk rock. I ended up writing the forward!

Promises to be a pretty awesome book. It’s out now.  Pick one up at your local book store or book selling website.

see there's my name!!

Karma Rules

On my birthday in June, I bought two micky sharpz tattoo machines for myself.  I wasn’t sure about the way they ran, mostly cause I was still learning how to tune. but I offered to sell one to a co worker.  Well on my day off it was “stolen” from him. And he never paid  me for it.  Bummer.

Fast forward to today 6 months later one of my clients says he was cleaning out a closet at work and he found a tattoo machine. And gave it to me. Would you believe it was a authentic micky sharpz with the box!

Today was a good day. Thanks everyone.




I’m noticing the really terrible tattoos on a lot of my brown skinned fb buddies. You know I love you so, Id like to give you a couple words of FRIENDLY advice.

1. Dont assume that because someone works in a shop they can tattoo. When I worked on hollywood blvd they didnt even look at my book before highering me. Some of the worst tattoos in Los Angeles come out of the blvd and venice beach. Be careful!
2. Look at your artists book. If they dont have the style of work you are interested in, try one of the other artists. Its okay to be picky. Some artists are better at lettering others are better at portraits. Be careful!

3. Can your artist draw? Ask to see some of there drawings. If you are getting something custom you should KNOW they can draw.

4. Look online. Try educate yourself on what good tattoos look like. Your favorite sports heros and rappers are NOT good examples. Repeat they are NOT good examples.
5. If you are dark skin and the artists suggest bright green or blue, RUN!
6. Look around the shop is it clean? If there are no bags on the cords coming from the machines, plastic wrap on the power supplies and tables. RUN!  Hepatitis anyone?

7. If your artist tries wipes a deodorant stick directly on you to apply the stencil STOP him or her and RUN. That same stick was touching someone else’s body before yours. Hepatitis anyone?
8. Are there children sitting on the floor near where tattoos are being performed? RUN! Would you let your child sit on the floor while you were being operated on? the Cleanest tattoo shop is dirtier.
9. Does the shop offer 20 dollar name tattoos?  Its a safe bet that you will end up paying 200 dollars to have it cover up.
10. Does your shop or tattooer advertise on Craigslist? See number 8.
11. The swap meet is NOT a place to get tattooed.

12.  For Gods sake dont haggle and please tip. You WANT your Tattooer to be happy. The standard 20 percent is fine.
13.  You get what you pay for. Quality tattoos aren’t cheap . Invest in yourself. Would you rather have one really great tattoo or 5 shitty ones?

This is not in any way an advertisement to come to me. There are a lot of really amazing artists in LA, NY and just about ever City. A tattoo shop should be clean and  free of drugs. The artists should be respectful of you and the art they are doing.   Do a little research. If all your friends look like little wayne, ask out side of your immediate calling circle.

Black and Brown people CAN have beautiful tattoos.

Tattoo machanics – assembly and solder

My foot pedal broke last week so I took it apart, found the problem and soldered it back to working condition. I really enjoyed the process so I decided to construct a new rca cable for my machines. That worked perfectly and was wayyyy better than the store bought one I was ordering.

Then I got some EIKON green monster Machines in the mail and did a little customization the them too. Check it out in homage to my old film AFROPUNK. If your really an OG AP you remember this sticker.