D.I.Y. – Video explaination

I was  pitching a reality show based on the inner workings of a punk house. I cut together video from several punk rock documentaries to present the concept of DIY to executives. Surprisingly they weren’t stuffed shirts. They got it.

The sources were, Afro-Punk, Another state of mind, Beyond the screams and … some long island punk documentary whose name escapes me at the moment.

James Spooner edited this together from existing footage.

Brave New Films Commercial w/ Henry Rollins

Brave New Films had me get together with Henry Rollins to do a quick PSA in support of the 2008 election. Man get Henry talking about obsure punk rock and your in for a treat. Dude is one of the great archivists.

James Spooner shot and directed this video.

Saul Williams video concept

Saul asked me to come up with a treatment for his video convict colony. Rather than writing it out I just edited this piece together, as I concieved of a remake of Jesus Christ superstar with Saul in the role of Judas.  The lipsync is off, its just for reference. Use your imagination of what could have been.

He had issues with the imagery of hanging himself at the end so went with another director. This is what eventually came out.

I dunno, which would have  you choosen?

James Spooner made this video on Spec.