I now tattoo at MONOCLE tattoo in Hollywood, CA.

The best way to contact me is through email, though you are welcome to call if you are ready to book an appointment. Follow and like me on the social networks too!

tattoo artist at work

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  1. Hello , i got the email from gather green ,about Tatoo in you salon , i wiil love to do in my leg (first time ) tree tatoo for hide scare (after an accident) ,and i saw you use eco vegan ink , so im very intrested to do it with you ,please can you tell me if ineed come first see you get an appointment ??
    thanks to let me know

  2. You have done some really amazing tattoos would love the privilege of being tattooed by you, too bad your in LA, well if you ever decide to make a trip to Australia….

  3. Hi I have been researching ink on darker skin. I am african American and i love the lotus tattoos and butterflies. I love color. I really would love to get color but are getting mixed opinions. What colors would look best for darker skin tones? Do you tattoo people of color? Let me know would love to meet you…

    • I email you personally but the short answer is red is the best color for black skin. Everything else has varied results.

  4. Your work is gorgeous, and it’s great seeing someone committed to a vegan process from start to finish! You don’t ever travel up to N. CA do you? 🙂 If not, I make an annual treck w/family to Long Beach around Thanksgiving so hopefully I can make an appointment then.

  5. Love your work. Wish you were in DC, but I’ll contact you if/when I’m in LA.I’m looking to get a (first) tattoo and want some kind of vegan theme. I think it would be that much cooler if I could have a vegan create it.

  6. Love to see that you use vegan ink. Hard to find artists who do. How much do you charge? I would like to get a red lotus flower with a dove on my upper arm. Thanks

  7. Hi my name is Angel and I was wondering if you have any openings for Valentines day for the deal you have going ($60 for a couple)? Also if the tattoos you are doing are limited to certain images because we want matching tattoos but in a saying (Voodoo Child)? If this is going to cost a little xtra I. Would love to know how much. Please let me know what you think. I hear you are a great vegan tattoo artist around and I would love for you to tattoo me and my vegan girlfriend! Hope to talk to you soon.

    • hey angel, thanks for reaching out. I dont work on tuesdays which I believe is the day valentines falls on, nor do I have any such deal. Tattooing one person for 60 bucks fall below our shops minimum more less two people. Curious where this missunderstanding might have come from. (gather green maybe?) I would however be happy to discuss these tattoos and pricing with you. Please email me at any references you might have would be helpful. And thanks! go vegan.

  8. I was doing some research and came across your blog about tattoos on brown skin. Thank you laying it out like that! I got my first tattoo 3 years ago and am ready for another. Only thing is I developed my first and only Keloid on a small part of the tattoo. Does that mean I shouldn’t get anymore tattoos? I wonder if the artist might have gone too deep in that one area. I’d really appreciate your opinion as I love your work and what you have to say.

    • I cant say for sure with out seeing the tattoo but I would guess yes, the tattooer probably dug to deep . A lot of tattooers dont understands that black peoples skin is actually more sensitive than others.

  9. Hi James,

    I have been fantasizing about getting a tattoo done for a couple of years now but have just started researching. I love your vegan process and that will make me far less of an annoying client 🙂 I’m looking to get some white ink work done and was wondering if you have any experience with that and what your opinion on white ink results are. I have fair skin and have come across a lot of mixed reviews. I’ve heard that white ink is different that traditional tattoo ink and was wondering if it is also made in a vegan variety.

    Thanks so much!

    • hey there, white ink can be vegan, but is an utter waste of time. All that pain and the results are inconsistent and usually worthless. It’s made for putting in highlights and mixing down other colors. it is not meant to be used as a primary color source. It just doesnt stay.
      I would suggest using a color a few shades darker than your skin tone instead.

  10. Hello!!!! I have been thinking about getting my first tattoo for a while now. I stumbled upon you while looking for artist that could tattoo individuals with darker skin. Im just fascinated with color and want it filled with as much color as possible. But the thing is, I live in Tampa, FL. Are you by any chance coming this way at any point in time? If not, could you recommend some great artists down or near here? It would be much appreciated.


    • Im sorry blanqa, I have no plans to get to Florida. I dont really know any tattoers out there either. best bet is just to look at portfolios and ask questions. A lot of great artists dont put dark skin tattpps in there portfolios as its hard to get a good picture when the tattoo is fresh or they dont feel is shows there best work.
      they still are great tattooers. Good luck.

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  12. Hi James,

    Have you ever thought of working at the Animal Rights Convention? It will be held in July at the Sheraton Hotel in LA. The convention is being run by Farm Animal Rights Movement. The convention is held every year either in LA or Washington DC. Look into it. Tons of people would get tattoos by you.. I would!!

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