Deposits / Appointments


A 100 dollar non-refundable deposit must be made for all appointments or to get on the wait list. The Money will go towards the last session. If your tattoo is only one session then it will go towards that appointment. If its 9 sessions it will go towards the 9th.

Your deposit will only be forfeited if one or more of the following occur.

– More than 6 months pass with out an appointment or communication
– Rescheduling an appointment more than twice
– Failure to appear for a scheduled appointment, without 48 hour notice

This policy is meant to insure you are as dedicated to your tattoo as I am. If circumstances arise that are out of your control, please be call, text or email me to let me know whats going on.

No drawing will be done with out a deposit. Please be sure you know what you want. If I labor over a design based on our discussion and then you decide, instead of a pin up girl you want a tribal arm band, another deposit will need to be made. (please don’t ask me for a tribal arm band haha).

Also please look through my work and make sure I am the right tattooer for you.  I am fairly diverse in my abilities, I love portraits and traditional and anything that falls in between but if you dont see the style of art you want please ask ahead of time to make sure it is something I feel comfortable doing. My only rule is that it will look good in the years to come.  A lot of tattooers are  more interest in a a quick buck. Thats not me. I’d rather not make the money over give you a tattoo that  will look bad in a couple years.

For Paypal. send 100 dollars to . For cards, call me 213-545-6668


My schedule fluctuate depending on the season and my travel schedule. Spring summer has a longer wait time than fall and winter.  Weekend availability is more limited than weekdays.  If you are on a fixed time, your concept is very easy or I have a last minute cancellation, It is very possible I can get you in with in a week or two. If you have a high concept full sleeve or back piece, you should expect 3 weeks or so before getting a drawing or settling on a specific date.

I work very diligently on every tattoo and treat each as if it were my own. Please understand that that effort takes time. I do my very best to not have anyone waiting too long.

I look forward to hearing your ideas.

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