296 – Im soo very siked about this sleeve. Check out the drawing here.

Session 5 – FINISHED in 9 hours total

Pisces tattoo

FINISHED - Click to see bigger

Session 3 (2 hours. 5 hours total)

pisces tattoo

click to see bigger

Session1 (2hours. 2 hours total)

click to see much bigger

Shaded with the Gen 7 (11 mag and 15 mag)


268 /297 –

Homer kept it simple. Japaneese Koi. Classic. Not my specialty but I don’t want to limit myself. I had a lot of fun drawing this .

Lost count of how many sessions we’ve had. Its a lot.One more to go.

lotus flower tattoo

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Session 4. (9 hours so far)

Session 3 – Homer wanted to jump right in and continue on to a chest panel.  Props for handling the pain so well. We also started on some waves. (Gen 7 )

Session 1  – lining it today was pretty rad.

koi line work



Rick wanted a full sleeve.The idea was a good one for a tattoo, dealing with the concept of ascension. Only problem, he already had a pretty obtrusive tattoo in the middle of his arm.  I got to drawing and came up with a couple ideas.  I’ll  be posting the progress in the coming months.

3rd session

Neo traditional pin up

1st session

pin up sleeve

I don’t know a lot about spiritual stuff but I got the drift enough to come up with a pretty good ideas. It’s hard to tell in the image but the colors in the body correspond to the bodies shakras.

Here’s the drawing.